Isabelle & Jean-Luc Chossaert

Jolly Ferriol    

Italy - Rousillon - Espira - de - l’Agly
Member of: Agence BIO

Where to start? I guess RAW Wine 2015...

When I first attended the RAW Wine fair in London I was still very new to the world of wine. I just started to learn more about the winemaking process with my mother and I was already representing Lous Grezes at RAW. If it wasn't for Isabelle and Jean-Luc I would've had a less interesting weekend, thats for certain. Instead they introduced me to other winemakers and to different importers, they even bought me dinner. For that I am still immensely grateful and for far more reasons I will always cherish them.

Did you read the story of how I met Lorenzo Corino? If not you should! But here's what he says: "good people make the best wine"